About Dr. Kazumba Charles

Dr. Kazumba Charles, B.Th., M.Th., D. Th., is a Zambian born - Canadian Evangelist, Author, TV and Radio Host of Unstoppable Faith and founder of KiTV Network (Kingdom Insight Television Broadcasting Network)

Dr. Kazumba is man with simple, childlike faith who loves Jesus Christ and believes in the manifestation and rule and reign of the power and presence of God both in his life and the lives of others. God has used Dr. Kazumba Charles greatly all over the world. His passion for Jesus Christ, love for people and His compassion for the Lost is contagious. He preaches the message of the Good News of the Kingdom of God with a unique anointing that draws people to a deeper intimacy, relationship and fellowship with God. 

Dr. Kazumba is happily married to the love of his life Glory Kazumba and together the Lord has faithfully blessed them with Five beautiful and God loving children. Dr. Charles is also a successful published author. His books, "Revisiting The Foundations""The Parables of the kingdom," "The Weapon Of Forgiveness" and "Discovering The Power of God In You" has helped and impacted many lives around the world. No doubtGod has gifted Dr. Kazumba with a unique ability and anointing to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a demonstration of God's power and to teach the word of God with life and full of passion—Which brings life, restoration and revival to those who sit under his ministry. God has also gifted Evangelist, Kazumba with a unique ability to reach diverse groups of people with the power of the word of God. 

Dr. Kazumba Charles is a fully ordained Minister in Canada. He has traveled and ministered in Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, United States and within Canada. Through his ministry thousands of people have given their lives to Jesus Christ and hundreds of leaders have been trained and impacted with the word of God. 

His TV and Radio program "Unstoppable Faith" blesses and reaches out to millions of people in North America, Africa and Europe. Dr. Kazumba's desire is to reach millions of people for Jesus Christ and to empower and develop a New generation of anointed, passionate, loving, caring and devoted Christian leaders all over the world. 


Book signing event in Zambia

Dr. Wayne Norton

Hope for Your Day Ministries, Inc

United States Of America

Dr. Kazumba Charles is a dynamic speaker whose anointing of the Spirit is most obvious. He is truly a man who is wholly devoted to God and totally committed to the ministry to which God has called him. The gift of teaching is not only obvious when he speaks, but also when he writes. His books are filled with great insight into God's Word, deep truth from God's Word, and evident study into God's Word. Dr. Charles is a devoted husband and father, a Spirit-anointed minister and author, and a true servant of God whose humility, grace, and love are always evident. His burden for people and his vision for evangelism and missions are global as he desires to fulfill our Lord's Great Commission. 
This man truly has my highest recommendation as he walks daily with God and people. What he says needs to be heard, and what he writes needs to be read.

Book signing event in Zambia
Mr. Graham Snell
Saskatoon Aerocenter

I met Dr. Kazumba Charles almost three years ago, and that meeting led to one of the finest business relationships I have ever made. There is no doubt that he is the hardest working person I know. His efficiency is second to no one and I have complete trust in him in whatever he is tasked to do. He constantly goes above and beyond expectations and everyday he treats everyone with respect and care. His service and attitude is always positive and he works independently and solves any issues on his own. I count on him daily and he has never let me or the business down, ever. I am more than happy to discuss Dr. Kazumba Charles's work ethic and I would find it impossible to describe him with nothing but positive sentiments.

Book signing event in Zambia

Roxana Reyes Davis


Father God Children Outreach Ministries


I met Dr. Kazumba through our Children's Outreach Ministry Father God. I am the ministry founder and Dr. Kazumba became, together with his wife Glory, the directors of the ministry in Lusaka, Zambia. That was in 2005. While Dr. Kazumba was leading the ministry, he demonstrated to be a man of integrity, very dedicated to serve others and very capable of leading a ministry with transparency and great passion. Over the years, this passion and dedication brought this man to grow as a minister and as a professional becoming a published Christian author, a professor and completing a PHD.

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